How to Order Kits

Science resource kits are available free of charge to all Montgomery County Public Schools teachers.  They are available only as hand-carried - they are not designed for shipping.  With sufficient advance notice, Montgomery County Public Schools teachers can request the "pony" to pick up, deliver, and return kits for them.

Please contact Llyn Sharp to reserve materials by email at llyn@vt.edu or by phone at 540-231-4080.

Download the free MINTS book which accompanies the kits.

To Arrange A Loan of the Materials:

  1. There are two libraries that you can select kits from:  Geoscience Kits and Resources for Teachers or Biology Outreach Kits.

  2. Email Llyn Sharp to find out if the kit is available.

  3. Llyn will contact the "pony" for delivery to your school and make arrangements for return delivery.

  4. Please allow 2 weeks for this process to ensure delivery on time.